Who are we?

The Airsoft Eden blog or the ASE blog is a website travel blog that focuses on holiday tours, travel tips and tourist attractions around the world. We give such information for Australian travellers to have an idea on what to do before traveling and what you must know.
Sometimes we get too excited and often forget important things, so let this website blog serve as a reminder. In such way, nothing can spoil your excitement and nothing will delay or stop your trip.
Traveling to a particular country, especially if it is your first time visiting, may even worry you. For this reason, the ASE blog would like to help you and make your trip comfortable. We can lessen your worries by providing some information about what you are not allowed to do when visiting that country.
It could have been better if we all know about the culture of one country, but it won’t be easy to learn everything. We believe that through our website blog, we can share information about various cultures, histories and lifestyles of different countries, which would be very important for a traveler to know.
We exist because we want our readers to keep safe and enjoy their trips.