The ASE Privacy Policy

The ASE website blog publishes travel articles for Australians. These articles are coming from various Australians, who would like to share their unforgettable travel experiences. It also contains various tips and suggestions for the best travel experience. The articles may serve as a guide to those who are travelling to different parts of the world.
Most writers are sharing their thoughts basing on their own experiences. So, it does not mean that the same things will happen to you on your entire trip. As time pass by, things change so, just hope for the best.
We at the ASE are just sharing what we know about traveling. We are not a travel agent or an authorized personnel, who can answer all queries regarding visa issues. So, we suggest you to seek advice from the right person.
Our website blog contents are owned by the ASE and may be used as a reference for your travel ideas. We strictly prohibit readers from copying our content for illegal use. You need to ask for permission and state your valid reasons for using the content. Whoever is caught and had intentions to disobey the policy of the ASE will be held for serious interrogations.