My Asian Adventure

Have you ever dreamed about exploring the world? It is free to have such dream, anyway. Australia has a lot to show and you have seen all the beautiful spots already. So, as an Australian, why don’t you come and visit different Asian countries. You will surely enjoy visiting the beautiful Asian destinations, especially the most delicious Asian cuisines. Anybody will surely be very excited about that. Not only that, Asian countries are rich in historical spots, too. So, you can learn a lot from there.

As an Australian visiting various Asian countries, you have to be mindful. Not all countries in Asia speaks English. So, if you are not sure about communicating when you are in a foreign country, then you have to deal with a tour guide. That is actually the safest thing to do, so that you won’t get lost during your stay. Another thing is to check if you need a Tourist Visa upon entering the country because there are Asian countries, where visa is strictly checked while there are also countries where you can enter freely. Lastly, make sure that you can book a hotel in advance to avoid waiting for an available room.


Where I had a great adventure

There are so many Asian countries to visit, but time is not enough to visit all the beautiful spots. But, I have here some countries listed for you to also check out.


Travel to Asia

One of the most beautiful countries I visited in Asia is Japan. This country is actually in the eastern part of Asia. You will find here various temples and shrines. It is also rich in natural spots, such as mountains and hills. So, if you love exploring nature, then you will surely enjoy your stay in Japan. The places I visited are the Tokyo Skytree tower, where you can find an observation deck. I also entered some temples, such as the Kiyomizu-dera and the Kinkaku-ji.


Travel to Asia

Another country I visited in Asia is China. This country is also in the eastern part of Asia. You can also find here various palaces and retreat houses. I did not miss out the chance of stepping on the Great Wall. I also visited some royal palaces like the Summer Palace, Forbidden City and the Potala Palace. It could have been better if you can also check out the Terracota Army, where you can find ancient statues of Chinese armies. Lastly, I also wandered around the plaza called, the Tiananmen Square.

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