Exploring Southeast Asian countries

If only given the chance and opportunity to explore all the beautiful places in the world, then you will surely grab it. Visiting different countries is an activity that you may find luxurious. But, if you ever experienced to visit even one country, then you will surely tell yourself that you would like to explore other countries, too. When you are already in another country, you can’t explain how it feels like. That is why after exploring one, you continue to explore more.

Many Australians go to different countries in Southeast Asia. Do you know why many Australians prefer to come there? It is because coming to Southeast Asia is cheaper and more convenient. It is not only that. There are so many beautiful tourist attractions in Southeast Asia, so if coming there is cheaper, then you will surely grab it.

In Southeast Asia, you will find Asians with different nationalities. You will not also suffer from hunger because all sorts of Asian and foreign cuisines are already there. And then, you won’t worry with hotel accommodations because it is very cheap. When it comes to communication, language won’t be a problem because if the people can’t speak English, then get a tour guide. He will not only serve as a bridge to better communication, but also lead you to different spots.

Travel tips
My Exploration
There are so many countries to visit in Southeast Asia. Luckily, the immigration officers are very helpful in checking my documents and visa issues. So, no worries coming to various places such as:

You surely enjoy your stay in Bangkok, Thailand. You can find here beaches on Patthaya and islands in the south like the Krabi. Thai people practice Buddhism, so you will find here many temples. If you like eating spicy foods, then try their sum tam or papaya salad and tom yam or the famous seafood soup.

Many tourists come to Laos for visa application. This country was once under the French colony, so French bread is cheap. People like drinking Laos Beer in this country. Anyway, you can also find many temples and shrines around.

This is another country, where foreigners come to extend the visa. You will also find here various temples and historical spots.

Many people come to Vietnam to enjoy cruising the Mekong River and shopping on the floating markets. This country is also rich in history, especially the Vietnam-American Wars. So, you better check out the Cu Chi Tunnels, where the Viet Cong soldiers stayed during the wars.

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