Lesson Learnt: Ways on How You Can Reuse Waste

During my travel… one thing I find that most countries have in common is the generation of waste. But what I find interesting is how they go about in reducing waste. One brilliant way is to reuse waste. Otherwise known as recycling. The idea of this post came from my recent trip to Perth (Australia) and talking to the owner of a skip bin hire provider. By the way if you are ever in need of waste bins – just give them a call.

There are so many stuffs that we are just wasting. Is it because we have a lot of money to spend? Don’t you know that there are those who reuse stuffs to the fullest? These people are not even indigent. But, if possible, they would reuse everything just to reduce waste. It could have been better if we would all think and act like them.

Do not ever think that reusing stuff is something that will put your status down. There are those who always buy new things every year and throw the old ones away because they are used to it. And then, there are also those who throws away their stuffs upon seeing small or light damages.

Reducing waste has nothing to do with culture, beliefs and habits. With the continuous increase of population every year, expect the amount of waste to grow because of everybody’s consumption. So, are we not bothered with that? This issue is not a simple and ordinary thing that you must not ignore. This might start from a light problem, but may lead to a severe and really serious one if not given attention.


How can you reuse waste?

Do not think about reusing waste as a negative issue in your status. Look at the bright side of reusing your waste. Since we always have a lot of household waste, then let us start reusing stuffs at home. We may later on incorporate reused stuffs in your workplace and in the community. We have here a list of ways on how you can reuse your household waste.

  • We all love buying bottled drinks so pretty sure that you have empty plastic bottles. Do not throw them away because you may use them as materials for various school projects.
  • If you have paper or reading materials, then use it to cover books, wrap glassware and school projects. You may also donate your old books and magazines to schools and libraries.
  • You surely have outgrown or old clothing. So, you may give it to family or friends. You may also donate them to charity.
  • For your old towels, you may use that to make rags. Just be patient in sewing them and follow the design that you would like to have.
  • There are bottled beverages bought in returnable bottles. It could have been better if you will buy such, so that you can reduce storing empty plastic bottles at home.
  • There are schools or organizations, who might need your broken electrical appliances. The students may use those to practice repairing appliances.
  • If you wish to buy new appliances or furniture, then you may give the old ones to friends or to charitable institutions.
  • For your old furniture, you do not always need to replace them with new ones. The best thing that you can do to make it look like a brand new furniture is to refurnish it.
  • Use papers with clean side as a rough draft instead of throwing them right away.
  • When you buy instant food, choose the ones with microwavable plates or containers. You may collect these containers and keep them for future use.

Here’s a short video on how the Japanese are reusing waste:


Exploring Southeast Asian countries

If only given the chance and opportunity to explore all the beautiful places in the world, then you will surely grab it. Visiting different countries is an activity that you may find luxurious. But, if you ever experienced to visit even one country, then you will surely tell yourself that you would like to explore other countries, too. When you are already in another country, you can’t explain how it feels like. That is why after exploring one, you continue to explore more.

Many Australians go to different countries in Southeast Asia. Do you know why many Australians prefer to come there? It is because coming to Southeast Asia is cheaper and more convenient. It is not only that. There are so many beautiful tourist attractions in Southeast Asia, so if coming there is cheaper, then you will surely grab it.

In Southeast Asia, you will find Asians with different nationalities. You will not also suffer from hunger because all sorts of Asian and foreign cuisines are already there. And then, you won’t worry with hotel accommodations because it is very cheap. When it comes to communication, language won’t be a problem because if the people can’t speak English, then get a tour guide. He will not only serve as a bridge to better communication, but also lead you to different spots.

Travel tips
My Exploration
There are so many countries to visit in Southeast Asia. Luckily, the immigration officers are very helpful in checking my documents and visa issues. So, no worries coming to various places such as:

You surely enjoy your stay in Bangkok, Thailand. You can find here beaches on Patthaya and islands in the south like the Krabi. Thai people practice Buddhism, so you will find here many temples. If you like eating spicy foods, then try their sum tam or papaya salad and tom yam or the famous seafood soup.

Many tourists come to Laos for visa application. This country was once under the French colony, so French bread is cheap. People like drinking Laos Beer in this country. Anyway, you can also find many temples and shrines around.

This is another country, where foreigners come to extend the visa. You will also find here various temples and historical spots.

Many people come to Vietnam to enjoy cruising the Mekong River and shopping on the floating markets. This country is also rich in history, especially the Vietnam-American Wars. So, you better check out the Cu Chi Tunnels, where the Viet Cong soldiers stayed during the wars.

My Asian Adventure

Have you ever dreamed about exploring the world? It is free to have such dream, anyway. Australia has a lot to show and you have seen all the beautiful spots already. So, as an Australian, why don’t you come and visit different Asian countries. You will surely enjoy visiting the beautiful Asian destinations, especially the most delicious Asian cuisines. Anybody will surely be very excited about that. Not only that, Asian countries are rich in historical spots, too. So, you can learn a lot from there.

As an Australian visiting various Asian countries, you have to be mindful. Not all countries in Asia speaks English. So, if you are not sure about communicating when you are in a foreign country, then you have to deal with a tour guide. That is actually the safest thing to do, so that you won’t get lost during your stay. Another thing is to check if you need a Tourist Visa upon entering the country because there are Asian countries, where visa is strictly checked while there are also countries where you can enter freely. Lastly, make sure that you can book a hotel in advance to avoid waiting for an available room.


Where I had a great adventure

There are so many Asian countries to visit, but time is not enough to visit all the beautiful spots. But, I have here some countries listed for you to also check out.


Travel to Asia

One of the most beautiful countries I visited in Asia is Japan. This country is actually in the eastern part of Asia. You will find here various temples and shrines. It is also rich in natural spots, such as mountains and hills. So, if you love exploring nature, then you will surely enjoy your stay in Japan. The places I visited are the Tokyo Skytree tower, where you can find an observation deck. I also entered some temples, such as the Kiyomizu-dera and the Kinkaku-ji.


Travel to Asia

Another country I visited in Asia is China. This country is also in the eastern part of Asia. You can also find here various palaces and retreat houses. I did not miss out the chance of stepping on the Great Wall. I also visited some royal palaces like the Summer Palace, Forbidden City and the Potala Palace. It could have been better if you can also check out the Terracota Army, where you can find ancient statues of Chinese armies. Lastly, I also wandered around the plaza called, the Tiananmen Square.

My Top 3 Southeast Asian destinations

When the holiday comes, we all have our own plans to travel. Why not go to different Southeast Asian countries? Many Australians would surely love that idea. You might take the idea of traveling to different countries as luxurious, but there are affordable flights. So, you just need to wait for the promotional offers that various airline companies promote. With that in mind, you can surely get a cheap flight.
As an Australian traveling to Southeast Asian countries, you have to check the visa requirements first. Do you need to get a tourist visa first or are you allowed to stay without securing a tourist visa and how many days? This is very important so that you won’t have a problem with the immigration. You also need to know this if you have plans of extending your stay.

Travel tips

Where in Southeast Asia will you go?
Visiting Southeast Asian countries is a cheap and the best way to spend your holiday. Flights to Southeast Asian countries are affordable, anyway because they often have promotions. The only worry that you might have is communication because there are Southeast Asian countries, who don’t speak English. But, it is not a serious problem because you may move around various spots with a tour guide. Anyway, we have here top 3 Southeast Asian countries that you may find interesting to visit because these countries are rich in tourist attractions.

Bangkok, Thailand
This country is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. Indeed, you can find tourists from different countries anywhere in the country. No wonder why local and international airports are always busy and full of foreigners. If you come to Thailand, you will find a lot of temples because of their respect for their religion. Aside from that, you may relax on various beaches in the south like Phuket and beaches in Pattaya. They are also rich in historical spots like Ayutthaya.

Manila, Philippines
If you like to do various water sports, then come to the Philippines. Enjoy sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling and surfing in various beaches of the country. You may come to the surfing sites of the north, Palawan and Boracay.

Hanoi, Vietnam
It would be best to travel in Vietnam with tour guides. They are rich in history, so visit the Cu Chi Tunnels to fully understand the story. You will also enjoy cruising along the Mekong Delta. Pretty sure that you will find it amazing to go shopping at the floating market.

Planning a trip to Asia

There are so many great places to choose from in the whole world. It could have been better if we can all pay every a visit. But, not everybody is fortunate enough to do that. Anyway, when it comes to traveling, one of the continents that we must visit is Asia. It is where you can find a great travel experience. In fact, many Australians and other tourists from the west loves to visit Asia.
For Australians, coming to Asia is not a problem as long as you know the rules. First, you have to secure your visa. There are countries in Asia, who are strict in issuing visas. Some of them needs to have a Tourist visa before entering the country, while others are just requiring a valid passport. Next, make sure to have a hotel accommodation for you to stay. Lastly, get a plane ticket and enjoy your trip.

Asian countries to visit
Pretty sure that you are excited to pack your things and start your getaway tour. Planning for this trip actually takes time without any idea of what to expect in that country. So, we have here five Asian countries to check out.

One of the best countries to visit in the Eastern part of Asia is China. This country is famous for its historical and legendary places.
You may may visit the palace and a museum called, the Forbidden City. Another place to check is the Summer Palace, which is at a lakeside location. They also have an old palace from the 17th century called, the Potala Palace. If you want to visit the ancient statues, then look for the Terracota Army. Visit a cultural spot, called the Tiananmen Square. Do not miss stepping on the legendary Great Wall.

We have Thailand, which is famous for beaches, islands, temples and ancient ruins.
To enjoy nightlife and relax on the beach, go to Phi Phi Islands, Ko Pa Ngan, Railay Beach and Similan Islands. Do not forget to visit the Grand Palace, which is a residence of the royal family and a huge museum.

South Korea
Other East Asian country is South Korea, which is famous for its high-tech and advance cities, fishing villages, temples and hills.
Drop by at famous palaces such as Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung. You will surely like the view of this city when you are at the N Seoul Tower. If you are traveling with the whole family, then come to the Everland for fun in this amusement park.

One of the most visited East Asian country is Japan, which is famous for its temples, shrines and imperial spots.
Check out the gold temple, called the Kinkaku-ji. Go to the Skytree for a great viewing experience. Your whole family will surely enjoy the amusement parks at the Universal Studios and Disney Sea.

The Philippines
Another Southeast Asian country to check is the Philippines, which is famous for its islands, beaches and historical places.
Come and enjoy the beaches in Boracay, Mactan and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. For adventure, hike and climb the Banaue Rice Terraces, which is a mountain with rice farm steps.